One Scene per Episode » TOW The Thanksgiving Flashback (S5E08)

I put the cold steel against hmm… (pause) my body.

A Haiku


Who took my sandwich

The one with the moist maker

You threw it away?!

More turkey, Mr Chandler?

More turkey, Mr Chandler?

You thought I was gay? It’s stuff like that isn’t it?

One Scene per Episode » TOW Phoebe’s Rats (S9E12)

That’s math I can’t even do!

Save your strength man.

One Scene per Episode » TOW Ross’s Tan (S10E03)

One time he just looked at my bra and it popped open.

Well I like how you look, what are you?

FRIENDS-themed iPhone Cases

Want to rock out like how Ross does? 

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  • Name-tag iPhone Cases (x)
And quite some number of you are asking for the iconic FRIENDS door-photo-frame thing, so I did an additional one.
  • FRIENDS Door Frame iPhone Sticker/Skin (x)
  • FRIENDS Door Frame iPhone Case (x)

Click the linky-link to go to the store. Take note of which model of the phone case/skin you picked though.